Скачать игру Gymnast v1.0.1 (15.90 Мб.)

Пришла пора немного размяться и побыть в шкуре гимнаста. Игра рекомендуется счастливым обладателям джойстика (предпочтителен с Xbox360).


Gymnast is a physics-based acrobatic game with 100% analog controls. The game makes use of a modern gamepad, using the analog thumbsticks to give 1-to-1 control over the joints on a gymnast character.
Game features:
• Circus Mode — jump from bar to bar, trying to reach the goal. Also includes many challenges such as best time, highest score, and fewest releases.
• Gymnastics Mode — just you and 1 bar. Try to get a high score, but it only counts if you land safely on one of the blue mats!
• Many characters to choose from.
• Save and watch replays from any game mode.
• Full-featured level editor lets you create your own challenges.
• Available for both Windows PC and (later) Xbox 360
• 100% analog control using 2 analog sticks on modern gamepads
• Supports many lanugages: English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Nederlands, Norwegian, Romanian

Скачать игру Gymnast v1.0.1 (15.90 Мб.):

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