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Общеизвестен тот факт, что гномы обожают золотишко. Поэтому на многих фото они изображены с лопатами, мотыгами, молотами, топорами и т.п. и это не просто пиар — это их орудия труда для рытья шахт и вторично для боя с гоблинами и драконами. v1.3.3 (24.01 Мб.)

Скачать игру Delve Deeper
Станьте вожаком отважной команды гномов. Преодолейте преграды на пути и доберитесь к сокровищам раньше конкурентов!
System requirements:
• Windows XP/Vista/7 • DirectX 9c • .NET v3.5
• XNA v3.1 • 1.2 GHz • 512 MB RAM

Take command of five Dwarf adventurers as they dive into long-abandoned mines to search for incredible wealth, lost treasures, dangerous monsters and bragging rights at the drinking hall. Be wary though, up to four teams set forth at once, and your greatest obstacle may be a fellow Dwarf with a different colored hat!
Delve Deeper is a Adventure/Strategy game which pits you against monsters as you and up to three rival teams build an ever-changing dungeon map and compete to pilfer its loot as quickly as possible.
• Endlessly re-playable, fast and furious dungeon adventure meets devious tile-placement puzzler to generate a unique experience each time.
• Up to four players per map, each with a fully customized team of Dwarfs, commanded by your best friends or your hated nemesis, the Rival Dwarf AI.
• Gorgeous 2D pixel art graphics, fully animated characters, critters and combat.
• Quirky humor, with 100 uniquely named Relics to collect, dozens of themed rival dwarf teams, and the ever-present King of Dwarfs commending your success, lambasting your failure, and awarding you with snarky titles at the end of each match

Скачать игру Delve Deeper v1.3.3 (24.01 Мб.):

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