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В Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe (OpenTTD) вы сможете развить своё стратегическое мышление: стройте автобаны, ж.д. пути. Развозите пассажиров, почту, ресурсы и товары, наращивайте свой капитал, превратитесь в монополиста. Обновлена до 1.4.4 (37.20 Мб.)


OpenTTD — это полный клон Transport Tycoon Deluxe с открытыми исходными кодами. В этом Tycoon’е реализованы некоторые довольно удобные возможности, например, строительство диагональных путей в два клика, изменение всех опций настройки (аналогичных TTD Patch) прямо из меню, работа в оконном режиме и др.

Английское описание:

Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe is an open source clone of the Microprose game Transport Tycoon Deluxe, a popular game originally written by Chris Sawyer. It attempts to mimic the original game as closely as possible while extending it with new features.


1.4.4 (2014-10-21)
- Fix: Image widgets stored 32bit SpriteID in uint16 (r26971)
- Fix: Owner of road depot road types were not properly changed upon bankruptcy [FS#6126] (r26955)
- Fix: Compilation on HAIKU (r26922)
- Fix: Crash when enabling ‘Full animation’ if multiplayer chat text is on screen [FS#6096] (r26919)
- Fix: Height computation of game script text in town GUI did not consider margins [FS#6119] (r26859)
- Fix: [Squirrel] Debian lintian issues (r26853)
- Fix: Compilation of strgen on various platforms like Solaris (r26850)
- Fix: Better display of refit information for articulated vehicles [FS#6113] (r26849, r26848)
- Fix: Do not assign a next hop when returning cargo [FS#6110] (r26847)
- Fix: The ok-button in the OSK for the signs list should just close the OSK [FS#6116] (r26827)

1.3.1 (2013-06-01)
- Fix: When overbuilding a reserved track with a non-track station tile, that tile would remain reserved and eventually trigger a crash upon removal [FS#5540] (r25251)

1.3.1-RC1 (2013-05-17)
- Feature: Translations of baseset descriptions via language files (r25209, r25205)
- Feature: Faroese and Scottish Gaelic translations (r25198, r25176)
- Feature: Plural form to be used by Scottish Gaelic (1,11; 2,12; 3..10, 13..19; other) (r25078)
- Change: [strgen] Allow any number of colour codes in translations (r25193, r25192, r25191)
- Change: [Win32] MSVC 2010 comes with stdint.h (r25128)
- Change: Be slightly more lenient with trying to detect a subversion repository in case someone has a sparse tags checkout. In that case the .svn folder misses from the $ROOT_DIR because it is in the $ROOT_DIR/.. (i.e. tags) folder (r25107)
- Fix: ‘No station’ error was given, even when there was a station that way occupied or not yours [FS#5546] (r25243)
- Fix: Crash when AI is executing a command as it is bankrupted (removed from the game) [FS#5547] (r25236)
- Fix: Give bridges owned by noone (from bankrupt companies) to the first company which replaces the bridge. Everyone could have removed/rebuild the bridge anyway [FS#5541] (r25231, r25227)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Revise when vehicle running sound effects 04, 07 and 08 are played; in depot or tunnel, or when crashed or stopped: No sound. Braking: Effect 08 instead of 07 [FS#5538] (r25226)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Play vehicle sound effect also for planes (r25225)
- Fix: [NewGRF] cur_speed is only valid for the front engine, so make other engines in the consist use the speed of the front [FS#5534] (r25224)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Make tick_counters work the same for vehicles (r25223, r25222)
- Fix: [NewGRF] IsCompatibleTrainStationTile() is not a symmetric function. Clarify the parameters and fix the cases were they were swapped (r25221)
- Fix: Consider map border as water with repsect to river/canal continuation (r25220)
- Fix: [Script] Clarify on which tiles IsDesertTile and IsSnowTile work, i.e. the ones without infrastructure or buildings, and introduce GetTerrainType for the cases where IsDesertTile/IsSnowTile do not work [FS#5537] (r25213)
- Fix: The level crossing sound is an ambient sound and not a new year sound (r25200)
- Fix: Original train and road vehicle acceleration did no longer respect bridge speed limits [FS#5523] (r25167)
- Fix: [Win32] Do not statically link to SHGetFolderPath as it may not exist, and improve its emulation [FS#5522] (r25155, r25153)
- Fix: [Win32] Do not store invalid paths in the search path list (r25154)
- Fix: Remove stray reservation from savegames affected by FS#5510 et al. upon loading [FS#5520] (r25152)
- Fix: [Script] XXBase::Chance function did not work for large values (>65535) [FS#5517] (r25148)
- Fix: Several typos/inconsistencies in English strings [FS#5496] (r25144, r25143)
- Fix: When extra dynamite was disabled, towns would be allowed to clear bridges with trams (r25141)
- Fix: Towns are build as OWNER_TOWN, so they also need to be removed as OWNER_TOWN otherwise parts might remain [FS#5519] (r25140)
- Fix: Editboxes could become too small when resizing windows (r25121)
- Fix: Game script language files did not work, when inside a tar [FS#5509] (r25117, r25114)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Acceleration of NewGRF aircraft was too fast, while acceleration of default aircraft was way too slow (r25115)
- Fix: Pass $LDFLAGS_BUILD to all endian_check compilations (r25108)

1.3.0 (2013-04-01)
- Fix: Station rebuilding could leave reserved tiles which caused crashes later on [FS#5510, FS#5516] (r25132)
- Fix: When the count for a scrollbar was 0, the inter distance was subtracted too much causing a scrollbar with a negative size (r25123)

1.3.0-RC3 (2013-03-18)
- Fix: Limit aircraft property 0D to 19, since the conversion result to km-ish/h needs to fit into a byte [FS#5492] (r25099)
- Fix: Clicking the statusbar crashed, when news were pending but no news were shown yet [FS#5486] (r25093)
- Fix: Make editbox character filters also apply to pasted content from clipboard (r25090, r25089)
- Fix: Catch exception anonymously, if the exception content is not of interest [FS#5500] (r25081)

1.3.0-RC2 (2013-03-05)
- Fix: Make sizes of the station preview list and direction selection identical in the station build window [FS#5472] (r25064)
- Fix: When allocation of the sprite cache fails, try to allocate less memory and display an error message later on (r25061)
- Fix: Refactor Script Debug GUI to only set widget states in OnInvalidateData [FS#5490] (r25052)
- Fix: Do not let gcc include files from the «standard C» include directories to avoid inclusion of header files at the top of the preprocessed nfo files, which cause NFOrenum/GRFcodec to make invalid assumptions about the NFO version (r25050)
- Fix: Minimise gaps feature caused removal to only happen at the signal build interval instead of the implicit interval of 1 [FS#5479] (r25038)
- Fix: Green path signals would be shown when building them ‘under’ a train, and they would keep showing green until they were passed again [FS#5480] (r25037)

1.3.0-RC1 (2013-02-19)
- Feature: Searching of (missing) content via GrfCrawler (r25024, r25023)
- Change: Cleanup goals and cargo monitors of companies when they go bankrupt or are taken over (r24986)
- Change: Apply the same name sorting rules to content and NewGRF list as for the server list (r24983)
- Fix: [SDL] Crash after bootstrap download of 32bits base set due to referencing a deleted mutex [FS#5466] (r25017)
- Fix: [SDL] Improve 8bpp hardware palette support. Instead of always requesting SDL_HWPALETTE, it is now only done for 8bp blitters in fullscreen mode (r25003, r25002, r24993)
- Fix: Set vehicle’s service interval is percent flag appropriately on creation [FS#5137] (r24998)
- Fix: When choosing a train in a depot to attach a newly purchased wagon to, do not consider trains currently moving in and out of the depot (r24987)
- Fix: [Script] Crash when passing too many parameters [FS#5465] (r24982, r24981, r24980)

1.3.0-beta2 (2013-02-07)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Station randomisation triggers (r24906, r24905)
- Feature: Settings type filter included in the advanced settings GUI (r24862, r24863)
- Change: Revert to opening the vehicle GUI again when cloning vehicles using the clone-button from the depot GUI [FS#4458] (r24955)
- Fix: Additional zoom in levels could glitch by a few pixels due to incorrect rounding [FS#5463] (r24975)
- Fix: Honour pause_on_newgame setting when running as a dedicated server [FS#5279] (r24974)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Prevent access to tile-based variables when tile is invalid [FS#5462] (r24973)
- Fix: Do not make overbuilding rivers with canals insanely expensive [FS#5258] (r24972)
- Fix: Crash when an infinite loop occurred during loading of a script [FS#5346] (r24970)
- Fix: company window was not updated when shares were enabled/disabled [FS#5379] (r24968)
- Fix: Trams would get stuck on water [FS#5228] (r24966)
- Fix: With YAPF the docking behaviour differed per direction; now favour docking in the direction you approached [FS#5416] (r24964)
- Fix: Do not stop loading if there are reservations left [FS#5435] (r24963)
- Fix: Reserve all capacity while unloading to avoid ‘stealing’ cargo, i.e. loading cargo onto a second vehicle when the first cannot be fully filled yet [FS#5438] (r24962)
- Fix: If a platform is enlarged and there is a reservation, reserve the whole platform [FS#5362] (r24961)
- Fix: Inconsistencies in the ‘thanks to’ lists [FS#5423] (r24960)
- Fix: Set ‘replace when old’ flag when replacing an autoreplace (r24950)
- Fix: Deleting implicit orders was not able to deal with the various side-effects of DeleteOrder [FS#5452] (r24944)
- Fix: Redraw autoreplace window properly in network games (r24939)
- Fix: Never put a space between cargo name and subtype [FS#5447] (r24938)
- Fix: Do not allow order refit to be set for no-load orders [FS#5446] (r24936)
- Fix: Make group names unique per company and vehicle type [FS#3473] (r24933)
- Fix: Prevent more NewGRFs being selected than is possible to load [FS#5158] (r24932)
- Fix: [GS] Do not try to pause or unpause crashed scripts [FS#5415] (r24929)
- Fix: [Squirrel] Update line information before processing ‘while’ token of ‘do’-’while’ statement [FS#5408] (r24928)
- Fix: Add a tooltip to the mapsize selection mentioning possible deviations [FS#5395] (r24925)
- Fix: When an object built on a river is removed, restore the river [FS#5441] (r24923)
- Fix: Upgrading bridges could steal road types [FS#5389] (r24912)
- Fix: [GS] Allow GSs to pass negative integer string parameters (r24908)
- Fix: ‘Train loads/unloads cargo’ station animation triggers on individual platform (r24904)
- Fix: Cached station animation triggers were only set when removing parts of a station (r24903)
- Fix: The station build window did not update when the station spread changed [FS#5434] (r24899)
- Fix: Do not unpause the game when closing the highscore window if it was already paused before the highscore screen was shown (r24898)
- Fix: Improvements and fixes for the base translation [FS#5411, FS#5420, FS#5421, FS#5422, FS#5427] (r24896, r24875, r24872, r24869)
- Fix: Allow downgrade of road bridges in the scenario editor [FS#5436] (r24895)
- Fix: Invalidate station selection window when station spread changes [FS#5434] (r24894)
- Fix: Distribute GS compat_.nut with OpenTTD (r24890)
- Fix: Pass proper UTF-16 strings instead of UCS-2 to ICU in order to preserve characters outside the BMP (r24885)
- Fix: A completely emptied vehicle could trigger an assert (r24883)
- Fix: Desync when NewGRF changes the stats related to acceleration (power, weight, tractive effort, etc) during service or 32 day triggers (r24882)
- Fix: Incorrect Romanian own name (r24874)
- Fix: Make invalid sprite references to mapgen sprites behave the same as invalid references between recolour and real sprites [FS#5404] (r24858)
- Fix: Do not let UFOs and coal mines clear water (r24857)
- Fix: Do not let UFOs and coal mines destroy depots [FS#5406] (r24856)
- Fix: Do not send aircraft to depots that are out of range of the next destination [FS#5405] (r24855)
- Fix: Only consider vehicles available in the climate for purchase/depot cell size (r24854)
- Fix: Extend widget data member to 32 bits so that sprite IDs >= 2^16 can be used (r24853)

1.3.0-beta1 (2012-12-24)
- Feature: Advanced settings to disable certain sound effects (r24846)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Support oversized purchase list sprites [FS#5271] (r24839)
- Feature: Improve pylon placement around station tiles that display neither pylons nor catenary (r24836)
- Feature: When using a non-release version of OpenTTD and the basegraphics are missing some sprites, also suggest to use a non-release version of the basegraphics (r24821)
- Feature: Consider engine preview windows always sticky, so non-shift mass-closure does not affect them [FS#2632] (r24809)
- Feature: When share-cloning vehicles do not open the vehicle window of the new vehicle [FS#4458] (r24808)
- Feature: Enable usage of ‘companies’ console command also in singleplayer [FS#2820] (r24807)
- Feature: Ask for confirmation before creating giant screenshots [FS#3148] (r24806)
- Feature: Separate subdirectory for screenshots (r24804)
- Feature: Unify the difficulty settings window with the advanced settings window (r24791, r24792)
- Feature: Various methods to open the OSK (r24785)
- Feature: Add a string filter to the server list [FS#3852] (r24769)
- Feature: Add industry type and cargo dropdown selection for easier navigating in the industry chain window (r24763)
- Feature: Introduce GUI icons for deleting to the left/right (r24749)
- Feature: Add clear button to all editboxes (r24748)
- Feature: Reset the vehicle engine pool when starting a scenario (r24716)
- Feature: Add basic/advanced/expert filters to the advanced settings GUI [FS#5355] (r24671)
- Feature: Draw cargo labels in the station list black or white depending on the background colour [FS#5311] (r24668)
- Feature: Do not display the preview window for disabled vehicle types (r24660)
- Feature: Add new filter option to the advanced settings window to show only changed settings (r24647)
- Feature: Add text filtering to advanced settings (r24632)
- Feature: Add buttons to expand/collapse all to advanced settings GUI (r24631)
- Feature: [GS] Allow GameScripts to construct and prospect industries without having a sponsor (r24623)
- Feature: Pay interest also on a negative cash value (r24618)
- Feature: Sort cargo filter by cargo name/label at the company stations window [FS#5311] (r24615)
- Feature: More options for the auto-scroll setting (r24590)
- Feature: Allow AI/GS script developers to break the execution of their scripts and pause the game using ScriptController::Break() (r24542, r24575)
- Feature: Scripts can be suspended even if the game is still progressing, thus break-on-log now works also for Game Scripts (r24537)
- Feature: Highlight industries on the smallmap when the mouse is over an entry in the legend (r24534)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Allow resolving var 5F via vehicle var 61 (r24527)
- Feature: [OSX] Additional high-resolution icons for the app bundle [FS#4539] (r24525)
- Feature: Ctrl+Backspace/Delete to remove characters up to next word beginning in text edit boxes [FS#5203] (r24521)
- Feature: Ctrl+Arrow keys to move entire words in text edit boxes [FS#5203] (r24520)
- Feature: When using autorefit only load/refit vehicles if other wagons cannot already take all cargo without refitting [FS#5106] (r24497)
- Feature: [GS] Useful behaviour for GSEngine::IsValidEngine and GSEngine::IsBuildable when outside GSCompanyMode scope (r24492)
- Feature: Display GS dead state in AI debug window [FS#5230] (r24489)
- Feature: Add buttons to view textfiles from the online content window [FS#5236] (r24488)
- Feature: Make the pathfinder decide whether ships shall leave depots towards north or south [FS#5127] (r24481)
- Feature: [GS] API compatibility scripts for Goal Scripts [FS#5219] (r24468)
- Feature: Display in the advanced settings description a setting type which explains the scope of changes to a particular setting [FS#5244] (r24411)
- Feature: [GS] Allow game scripts to monitor cargo pickups and deliveries done by companies (r24406)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Allow vehicle variable 61 for callback 2D (recolour) and re-randomisation (r24371)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Customisable signals for rail types (r24367)
- Feature: Allow filtering for multiple words (separated by whitespace resp. quoted) in script breakpoints, the sign list, content and NewGRF-GUIs (r24337, r24342)
- Feature: Add dropdowns to NewGRF configurations, if all values have labels (r24318)
- Feature: Add dropdowns to AI configurations, if all values have labels (r24317)
- Feature: Allow to select advanced settings with limited range with a dropdown list (r24316)
- Feature: Display default values for advanced settings in the settings description (r24298)
- Feature: News item for exclusive transport rights [FS#2688] (r24287)
- Feature: [GS] Additional GSNews::NewsItem::NewsTypes (r24286)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Variable with the current max speed for vehicles [FS#5052] (r24246)
- Feature: Descriptions explaining the meaning of advanced settings (r24237)
- Feature: Split the renew-months setting text in two string values (one before life time and one after) (r24210)
- Feature: Show a hint in the supplies tab of station windows, if the station is affected by exclusive transport rights [FS#5178] (r24205)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Callback to set industry production level on construction (r24186)
- Feature: South Korean and South African currencies [FS#4907] (r24148)
- Feature: Randomise count of passengers killed in a crash [FS#3576] (r24142)
- Feature: Display rating in the town directory window (r24141)
- Feature: Show group name in the replace vehicle window caption [FS#1117] (r24140)
- Feature: Allow to create a new vehicle group by drag and drop (r24139)
- Feature: Ctrl+Drag to add all vehicles with a shared order list to a group (r24138)
- Feature: Draw indicator icon in the replace vehicle window for vehicles which have a replacement set (r24137)
- Feature: Autoreplace vehicles only when they get old [FS#4465] (r24136)
- Feature: Add configurable limits for tree planting, and remove tree drag size limit (r24134, r24135)
- Feature: Lithuanian currency [FS#4984] (r24133)
- Feature: Ctrl+Clicking to change colour of all colour schemes at once [FS#1952] (r24131)
- Feature: Deselect ‘remove’ button when changing signal types in the GUI [FS#2314] (r24130)
- Feature: Option to minimise signal distance when dragging over obstacles [FS#3660] (r24129)
- Feature: Allow closing airports for incoming aircraft [FS#1497] (r24127)
- Feature: Drag and drop support for the NewGRF list window [FS#3854] (r24126)
- Feature: Drag destination highlighting to the group GUI [FS#3705] (r24125)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Misc engine flag to disable breakdown smoke [FS#4658] (r24124)
- Feature: Be more careful with the population of a small town while placing a statue (r24105)
- Feature: Debug option for showing the redrawn dirty blocks/rectangles [FS#5101] (r24065)
- Change: News display options are now shown in the advanced settings window (r24842, r24843, r24844, r24845)
- Change: Drop ‘signal density’ from the advanced settings GUI. It is more suited to be only changed via the signal GUI (r24670)
- Change: Check for bankruptcy on a monthly basis (r24619)
- Change: Only bankrupt, if you have negative money considering you took max loan (r24617)
- Change: When building long roads or tramways, only build the roadbits at the beginning and the end if they can connect to something [FS#5228] (r24503)
- Change: Disallow original and better road layouts to build roads under bridges along the bridge direction [FS#5229] (r24391)
- Change: Allow cloning of orders which are unreachable for the destination vehicle if they were already unreachable for the source vehicle [FS#5213] (r24390)
- Change: Allow building/modifying/removing signals even if a train is on the belonging track (r24356)
- Change: [NewGRF] Make bounding boxes of road vehicles change according to the vehicle length to make alignment easier [FS#5204] (r24331)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Consider regearing-like cargos as no-cargo in cargo filters [FS#5386] (r24848)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Draw NewGRF railtypes in NewGRF station previews (r24840)
- Fix: Do not consider blocked rail station tiles that display wires as non-reachable for masking out unnecessary catenary wires (r24837)
- Fix: The autorefit dropdown in the order GUI was not always updated when modifying vehicle consists [FS#5396] (r24834)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Incorrect values are better than a crash when a NewGRF queries vehicle variable 4C before vehicle initialisation is completed [FS#5398] (r24831)
- Fix: determineversion.vbs could hang in a git checkout (r24826)
- Fix: Close pending preview windows when the engine is introduced to everyone (r24812)
- Fix: Close engine preview window when another client accepts it (r24811)
- Fix: Make engine preview offers more robust with regard to changes in the company ranking (r24810)
- Fix: When displaying the previous news message, do not consider news which are turned off [FS#4224] (r24802)
- Fix: Glitch in timetable GUI [FS#5327] (r24800)
- Fix: Unify checks for editability of settings (r24787)
- Fix: Invert the focus handling of the OSK. Keep the focus at the OSK and close it on losing focus (r24774)
- Fix: Shift in the OSK behaved like capslock (r24773)
- Fix: [Win32] Do not crash when switching to an unsupported fullscreen display mode (like 8bpp modes in Windows 8) [FS#5359] (r24762)
- Fix: Crash on corrupted savegame [FS#5367] (r24754)
- Fix: Some editboxes had a different colour than the rest of the window (r24747)
- Fix: In various windows the OSK looked shiny but using it had no effect whatsoever (r24727)
- Fix: AI debug GUI crashed when using disabled buttons via hotkeys (r24723)
- Fix: When starting a scenario apply the local company settings to the new company [FS#5139] (r24717)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Allow stations to draw snow/desert aware ground sprites with railtype overlays [FS#5335] (r24715)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Draw default foundations if resolving of custom station foundation sprites fails [FS#5337] (r24714)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Tolerate old NewGRFs returning invalid values via CB 11 [FS#5262] (r24713)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Station variables 61 and 62 returned incorrect values, if no vehicle ever tried loading [FS#5303] (r24712)
- Fix: Check whether to not display a ^ loading indicator at drop stations only worked if there was no other vehicle unloading for 255 ticks (r24711)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Station var 48 should report acceptance, not supply (r24706)
- Fix: Station rating might consider very old vehicles very young (r24705)
- Fix: Disallow closing oilrig airports in the scenario editor (r24703)
- Fix: Workaround for an overoptimisation done by GCC 4.5 [FS#5246] (r24701)
- Fix: Get packing right on MinGW GCC 4.7 (r24573)
- Fix: Make sure all template functions are instantiated by at least one compilation unit [FS#5276] (r24496)
- Fix: Do not load order backups when loading a server-saved game in single player (r24445)
- Fix: Allow overbuilding bridges with the same type when adding a roadtype [FS#5221] (r24413)
- Fix: Cargo lists cannot have genders (mostly because it is very unclear what gender it would have) (r24374)
- Fix: Off by one errors with regard to clicking on setting buttons (r24313)
- Fix: STRING1 probably means STRING1 (r24295)
- Fix: squirrel_export should match key words like ‘virtual’, ‘static’ and ‘const’ only as whole words (r24288)
- Fix: Hide object specs/classes from the GUI, if they will never be available to the user [FS#4967, FS#5120] (r24171)
- Fix: Unify the spacing in ‘AI/Game Script’ and never just say ‘Game’ when ‘Game Script’ is meant [FS#4898] (r24020)

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