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Under the Ocean — является продолжением знаменитой survival-песочницы Under the Garden! Теперь главному герою предстоит выжить на необитаемом острове.
Игра обновлена до [Alpha 7.05] (459.37 Мб.)

Скачать игру Under the Ocean

Это игра о выживании одинокого человечка на безлюдном острове. Ему нужно есть и пить, он может создавать различные вещи и строить дома. Например он может охотиться на рыбу с помощью копья, которое он создал из палки и камня.
Помогите ему создать достаточно мощное оружие, чтобы победить огромного буйвола!

Changelog: »

Alpha 7.05:
* Fixed particle breaking cache
* Fixed dragging tree bug
* Fixed beehive crash
* Fixed planks fading out in front of player
* Put guards around switch to level

Alpha 7.00:
* Construction mode streamlined. Now you build construction tables, which allow you to set a zone for construction but still run around.
* Mining of rocks for clay, iron ore, etc
* A Forge and Advanced Forge, allowing you to build all manner of fired items
* Complete UI overhaul — should be much nicer to use now!
* Top inventory replaced with backpacks
* Quick draw slots to get the old quick equip behavior back (and double click to put stuff in them!)

Alpha 6.02:
* Elongated fading
* Only crates have breakable items coming out
* Native spears have damage now
* Spike traps don’t do damage if flying
* Halved max potential curve
* Resetting velocity for exploding items on fade
* Fixed scale of glow worm
* Fixed journal text missing
* Can’t shoot rifle when mouse over button
* Birds no longer chirp when dead (!)
* Rocks sink
* Fixed bright paths
* Fixing camera control/swim stuff
* Longer transition when swimming
* Transition starts closer when swimming

Alpha 5.03:
* Fixed wooden pole + wooden pole = yarrow + sail!?
* Fixed display name of a crop
* Pluralized the child of a plant
* Fixed cache warning bug (50% of errors)
* Fixed developer error reporting
* Fixed crash going back to the main menu
* Fix preventing the same crafting button being used often
* Fixed items joining in inventory
* Fixed tree cache problem
* Fixed items being incorrectly green in inventory
* Fixed crashing bug with adding properties in iteration
* Fixed crash in level saving
* Fixed collider bounds crash
* Shadow collider on dummy item no longer needed
* Skipping shadow collider of certain objects
* Fixed thatching collision in inventory
* Using collision box size for inventory placement
* Fish changes path if it’s colliding too much
* Really, really, really fixed dragging tree stumps this time!
* I swear.

Alpha 5.02:
* Fixed materials crash
* Fixed bed recipe
* Fix for level hibernate crash
* Fixed error reporting
* Error size in reporting
* Fixed journal crash
* Fixed crash with construction joint
* Fixed tree constructor making under tile
* Warning if changing to nonexistant level
* Changing level error doesn’t exist if dev keys
* Took seaweed out
* Fixed crash crafting materials
* Logging an error still
* Fixed grass not lighting anything on fire
* Fixed left alt making everything bright
* Small rocks etc not made under water
* Increased grow chance when sleeping
* Start use condition can override dragging properties
* When you pick fruit from a tree, it goes into your hand
* Chicken carcass has collider
* Chicken guts don’t collide with each other any more
* Crate pieces are flammable again
* Putting on clothes works again
* Fixed glow worm drowning in inventory
* You can no longer shift+drag trees apart
* Not showing ‘hungry’ tag on dead animals
* Animals showing only Dead when dead
* Names for all of the plants
* Recipe results use input positions
* Fixed multiple damage types stacking icons
* Fixed delayed property bug
* Planks recipe results in multiple planks
* You don’t swing an axe if you’re clicking on a button
* Fixed button alignment
* Single recipe outputs can create multiple results
* Wood blocks create one per plank of the tree
* Fixed massive slowdown creating crafting buttons closed

Alpha 4.06:
* Fixed crashing bug
* Fixed cached all game objects
* Fixed update layer crash
* Fixed joint crash
* Reverted the old random generation system
* Streamlined set parent system
* Fixed bug placing items in fireplace
* Fixed velocity crashing bug
* Fixed crafting bug with chimney
* Fixed the hail being black
* Fixed error reporting
* Fixed stacked properties

Alpha 4.02:
* You can no longer chicken man yourself!

Alpha 4.01:
* The chicken scale thing
* Throttling error reporting
* Fixed tree cache error
* Fixed secret_cover cache error
* Can’t combine items if organic
* Items highlighted green when they can be placed in the inventory
* Items can’t be blocked by non inventory items when placing in inventory

Alpha 3.02:
- An error reporting system, so the game emails me if it crashes (should fix a lot of hard crashes)
- Quite a few crashing bugs
- Fixed shell angles being off
- Fixed breathing in waist deep water
- Tidied up some collision bugs
- Fixed water splash under a waterfall
- Fixed watefall spawning location
- Fixed hunger/thirst — any further is likely a crash!
- Fixed player getting created twice
- Fixed day alignment
- Fixed blockages in caves
- Added «Back to main menu» button
- Fixed crash in Animals, added better reporting
- Fixed tree not colliding
- Fixed lightning when not raining
- Fixed stuff colliding in the fireplace

Alpha 3.00:
* Random generation
* More new audio effects

Alpha 2.02:
* Fixed crash when placing planks
* Rain drop can’t get handled if wet
* Disabled wetness setting in level weather
* Fixed multiple crafting bug
* Removing the Unity bugfix
* Fixed bug doing mesh tensor thing
* Fixed Random Island serialization
* Moved player back on crafting screen
* Bucket doesn’t get sea water in inventory
* Scaled up worm
* Added warning for small collision size
* Rain now hits objects in foreground/background
* Drastically slowed down low temperature damage
* Lowered the radius of the bin
* Fixed bug where tools weren’t matching restrictions
* Fixed smoke being paused (Unity3D bug…)
* Slow down the passage of time
* Slowed down rate of bleeding out
* Implemented a global paused method
* Sicknesses don’t progress when paused
* Fixed construction with plank materials at start
* Assigns to parent
* Fixed dragging apart trees in crafting editor
* Scaled down tree branches and thatching in crafting screen
* Can only ‘sleep’ if you’re on the ground and not in the crafting editors
* Frozen rotation on the rain
* Allowing scrolling in the construction screen
* Allowing dragging items between levels
* Dragging of rafts etc not allowed
* Text no longer displayed for mouse ignore items
* Bumped version number to 2.02
* Sized up everything that’s less than 0.5 (fixes ground fall, but is problematic)
* Fixed bucket’s size is 5x too big
* Fixed stuff falling through the floor (maybe)
* Moved to a slower but more accurate collision detection mode
* Simplified controls dialog
* Swapped rotation to use GetAxis
* Fixed rotation direction bug
* All controls now using the controls dialog
* Fixed bug hiding the decorations on planks
* Light bulb recipe
* Generator recipe
* Fireplace recipeAlpha 2.00:
* Fixed UI layer being updated after its been killed
* Fixed player offset in crafting screen
* Fixed drag target rotations
* Only one editor combine information is now called
* Fixed smoke particles offset
* Smoke particles are smaller in crafting
* Sized up flint in the crafting editor
* Fixed objects being too large in the inventory
* Fixed bucket spinning around when you don’t want them to
* Made climbing code more stable (unsure if its a fix)
* Fixed wet/cold death loop
* Fixed crafting screen making items wet
* Removed severity from bleeding

Английское описание:

So basically, Under The Ocean is a survival game that is set on a lonely island. You play a blue man who has a will to survive. You must craft, eat, drink and even build to survive using in-genius ways like hunting for fish by using a spear you crafted out of a stick and a stone you found on the ground. It goes all the way up to using a rifle to shoot buffalo. (Or something like a buffalo).

Скачать игру Under the Ocean [Alpha 7.05] (459.37 Мб.):

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