Скачать игру Uplink (Сеть)

Uplink или Сеть даст вам редкую возможность побыть хакером.
Сюжет: 2010 год, вы — работник конторы UplinkCorporation, в обязанности которого входит поиск рабочих, готовых удовлетворить запросы клиентов данной компании.Обновлено до v1.6 (20.45 Мб.)
Добавлена GOG-версия игры в архиве которой есть бонус-контент к игре — обои, саундтрек, интервью с разработчиками, аватар, бонусный CD, а также ещё 1 диск с source code.
Добавлена версия для Macintosh (7.70 Мб.)


В свободное пользование выдается сервер, поначалу весьма жалкой конфигурации и с парой необходимых программ, загружается собственная операционная система со всевозможной сопутствующей статистикой и минимальными настройками, подъемный капитал на поддержку трусов, — можете начинать свою карьеру. Карьеру хакера, кракера, взломщика, вирусмейкера, кого угодно. Make your choice, что называется.

Английское описание:

You play an Uplink Agent who makes a living by performing jobs for major corporations. Your tasks involve hacking into rival computer systems, stealing research data, sabotaging other companies, laundering money, erasing evidence, or framing innocent people.
You use the money you earn to upgrade your computer systems, and to buy new software and tools. As your experience level increases you find more dangerous and profitable missions become available.
You can speculate on a fully working stock market (and even influence its outcome). You can modify peoples academic or criminal records. You can divert money from bank transfers into your own accounts. You can even take part in the construction of the most deadly computer virus ever designed.

Changlog »

• Changed: Code Card removed from all versions of Uplink
• Changed: World Map now defaults to the original graphic. The option to change to the Defcon style world map still exists under Graphics Options.
• Fixed: Crashes with invalid floating point operations.
• Fixed: Problem on Linux with .dat files directly in Uplink directory and not in the lib/ sub directory. (Happen when upgrading from some older version of Uplink to a newer version)
• Fixed: A crash with LANs having invalid location. (check the debug.log to see the warnings)
• Fixed: A crash with LANs having invalid links. (check the debug.log to see the warnings)
• Fixed: A crash with LANs having modems without phone number.
• Fixed: Crashes with PasswordBreaker/DictionaryHacker if their target screen isn’t there anymore.
• Fixed: Crashes with tasks if their interface isn’t there anymore.
• Added: A code card (codecard.txt) to the online download version of Uplink.
• Added: Software rendering option to the Windows version of Uplink. Also change to software rendering if the game crash during OpenGL initialization.
• Added: Show Bank IP on the Finance interface.
• Changed: Steam Authentication is now done with the help of a external DLL, this should permit new MODs to work with Steam.
• Changed: Much better error handling on Linux and some minor tweaks to error handling on Windows.
• Changed: Loading a corrupted saved game (agent) should now show a message box instead of crashing.
• Fixed: Negative amount of money being deposited in bank accounts.
• Fixed: A problem with selecting the Defcon world map or not.
• Fixed: An exit crash involving Gateways.
• Fixed: Remaining crashes due to IRC.
• Added: ‘Retire agent’ option to the login screen.
• Fixed: Problems with buying gateway securities.
• Fixed: Linux Installer to include the new font libraries.
• Fixed: LANs with multiple radio transmitters having the same frequency.
• Fixed: A crash and a memory leak with IRC.
• Fixed: Font problems on Linux.
• Changed: Show a warning when buying a gateway security and there is no free memory to put the software driver.
• Changed: Resize the gateway screen display to screen size
• Fixed: Problems with DevCd mods in full screen.
• Fixed: Crash with custom Gateways.
• Fixed: Scrollbars mouse drag problems.
• Fixed: Problem with overlapping IRC Hud on agent logging in.
• Added: New agents now use the defcon world map. (an option was added to use the standard world map)
• Changed: Font rendering on Linux.
• Note: Saved games from this version will be incompatible with older versions of Uplink.
• Fixed: Crashes with custom gateways.
• Changed: Font rendering library on Linux.
• Note: Saved games from this version will be incompatible with older versions of Uplink.
• Fixed: Some IRC crashes.
• Added: Save the world map coloring option for each location.
• Changed: ‘options’ file is now encoded in Redshirt 2.
• Changed: Saved games are now encoded in Redshirt 2. If the hash calculation fails, it will try to load the last good version of the saved game.
• Note: Saved games from this version will be incompatible with older versions of Uplink.
• Fixed: Crash problems with dead agent computer.
• Fixed: Crash on the Academic Database or the Social Security Database when searching a name that is not in the record.
• Fixed: Problem with the close button on the Protovision server.
• Fixed: Alt-tabing crashes by not painting the screen when minimized.
• Fixed: Problems with custom gateways.
• Fixed: Crash in the contact screen if the mission is already taken.
• Fixed: Crashes at exit.
• Fixed: Crash due to over limit mission difficulty.
• Fixed: Crash with the Dictionary Hacker.
• Added: File Copier, File Deleter, Decrypter, Log Deleter, Log Undeleter, don’t unstick from the mouse when used.
• Added: An option to show servers on the world map in a different color (click the visibility button on the servers screen to cycle between visible, visible and colored, not visible).
• Added: An option for faster animation speed.
• Fixed: Crash in the tutorial involving the ‘File Copier’.
• Fixed: Crashes involving running a screen on a computer different then the one currently connected to ( easy to trigger when using the dialler).
• Fixed: Crash related to plot mission «Revelation Launch due soon?».
• Fixed: Crash related to invalid IPs due to log modifier.
• Fixed: World map locations in water.
• Fixed: World map cities placements on agent creation.
• Changed: Added Microsoft opengl32.dll to the installation for people having problems with their graphic card provided one ( see readme.txt ).
• Fixed: Impossible to complete some steal all files missions.
• Fixed: Can’t buy HUD Upgrade if there is no free space the memory bank.
• Fixed: Problem of getting files _not_ destroyed message when there is no file on the server.
• Fixed: A crash in the software menu when there is no software to run.
• Fixed: A crash when deleting a file being currently decrypted.
• Fixed: Selected custom theme not loading.
• Fixed: Defrag problems when the agent memory databank is modified and defrag is running.
• Fixed: A crash when modifying build-in account on the Academic, Social Security or Criminal databases.
• Changed: Save games are now saved to a temp file, which means that if Uplink crash on game saving it should reload the last good save game.
• Changed: Save games to help reduce user file corruption.
• Changed: Blend image on LAN, Status and Analyser HUD menu.
• Note: Saved games from this version will be incompatible with older versions of Uplink.
• Fixed: Misplacement of the IRC window.
• Fixed: Crash in IRC related to text button word wrapping.
• Changed: Sound library from mikmod to SDL_mixer.
• Changed: Default resolution bumped to 1024×768.
• Fixed: UplinkSupport.exe start up crash caused by missing mfc80.dll dependency.
• Fixed: A crash when pressing return on the Contact Screen.
• Fixed: Start up crash problems related to invalid native resolution (ex: 800×600 is not a native resolution on LCD).
• Fixed: Fix some graphic inconsistencies when playing in a resolution with a ratio different of 1.33 .
• Fixed: A crash when using the password cracker on invalid account names.
• Fixed: A crash when clicking on the program start menu and there is no programs to run.
• Fixed: A crash on start up when loading a font and the file was not found.
• Fixed: Start up crash problems related to screen depth.
• Fixed: Fix crashes with some irregular command line options.
• Changed: Trying to be more gentle on the CPU by doing bigger pause.
• Fixed: Fix a potential graphic crash occuring on agent load and when seeing the dialling box.
• Fixed: Crashes and inconsistencies when dialing to a new server and the log or file screen is opened on the currently connected server.
• Fixed: Slowdown when using the trace tracker when connected to a server.
• Fixed: A crash when using an existing account name (different then admin, readonly, …) with the password breaker.
• Fixed: A crash with the update of security systems.
• Fixed: Inconsistencies in HUD screens (memory, sendmail, lan, irc, mission email).
• Fixed: Problems with overlapping large world map.
• Added: Show a dialog when an agent is loaded and Uplink can’t find the custom gateway it’s using.
• Changed: Use an updated version of SDL.
• Support: In the event of a crash, the system information will be sent to Introversion for debugging purposes, with the user’s consent. The user email will also be asked.
• Removed: Uplink version image on start up screen.
• Fixed: Revelation flashing red squares on the world map didn’t move when the map was scrolled.
• Fixed: Silent voice sample (also caused start up slowness).
• Fixed: Slowness when displaying the world map.
• Fixed: Problems with servers where the player had multiple access codes.
• Fixed: An inconsistency in the name displayed when viewing accounts details in the admin section of banks.
• Fixed: Problems with the loan screen, it always displayed the max loan of the player.
• Fixed: An inconsistency in the size of HUD Upgrades, since they take no memory space they should display 0 as size.
• Fixed: All LAN tools progress graphic overflow.
• Fixed: Bank accounts owned by NPCs having a negative loan amount.
• Fixed: A problem with server going _crazy_ on the world map when a mission was finished or a email was deleted.
• Fixed: Inconsistent Revelation program size.
• Fixed: IRC better handle nickname changes and errors.
• Fixed: A problem with invalid access code and related crash issues.
• Fixed: SaveItForTheJury reply problem if too much time is taken to reply to the mission email.
• Fixed: A crash when using custom gateways.
• Fixed: LAN modem being ‘Uninitialised’.
• Fixed: A voice sample has the wrong frequency thanks to Oliver ‘AgentX’ Grubin.
• Fixed: A possible crash in name generator occurring at exit.
• Fixed: Bank account creation permitting two accounts with the same username.
• Fixed: Time freezing and unclickable buttons on computers running for several weeks.
• Fixed: Tutorial 1 stopping when the «Welcome to Uplink» email is deleted.
• Fixed: Overlapping mission badges on the status screen.
• Fixed: LAN Spoof progress graphic overflow.
• Fixed: Slow down when clicking disconnect ( related to the display of the links screen ).
• Fixed: Servers access level not shown on the world map, should also fix shorther trace time.
• Fixed: Decypher unpickability thanks to code from Ashley ‘NeoThermic’ Pinner.
• Fixed: A crash when adding interest on loans.
• Changed: Randomize files placement generated by missions.
• Changed: A screenshot can be saved by pressing F9 ( can also be done with the backtick (`) button on some keyboard ).
• Changed: Can now pay fine from any bank account.
• Changed: Can now click on password on login screen with password only.
• Changed: Wording of some game text.
• Fixed: Some potential crashes related to incorrect string handling.
• Fixed: There were reports of the motion sensor remaining red after players nuked their gateways. This should no longer happen, though we were unable to reproduce the bug, so this requires testing from users experiencing the problem.
• Fixed: Tutorial mission did not register when the player purchased the Trace Tracker 2.0 if they already owned Trace Tracker 1.0
• Fixed: Some potential memory leaks.
• Fixed: A crash in the console screen.
• Fixed: An antialiasing problem. The fix could cause some slowdown.
• Fixed : A crash upon deletion of a log after previously deleting and undeleting it.
• Changed: Multi-monitor support disabled
• Fixed: Crash when another agent with no criminal record is caught.
• Fixed: Crash related to bank robbery.
• Fixed: A number of potential crashes.
• Fixed: Better loading and saving routines should mean that agent files are handled less often corrupted without warning.
• Fixed: Some possible problems with refreshing the graphics after another window has been displayed over Uplink. This will need further testing on different machines, since problems are heavily dependant upon system hardware and driver configuration.
• Fixed: Graphical glitch where a security bypass would remain visible even when the connection analyser is closed.
• Fixed: A number of actual and potential memory leaks.
• Changed: A plot error will no longer crash Uplink, but will send an email to the player. This is generally a problem of using old, incompatible agent files.
• Support: In the event of a crash, the currently loaded agent file will be sent to Introversion for debugging purposes, with the user’s consent.
• Fixed: Stack could be corrupted by overly long input of agent name, password or banking details.
• Fixed: Bug in voice analyser.
• Fixed: «Make a donation» mission didn’t complete if you destroyed your tracks.
• Fixed: Better scrollbars for log and file server screens.
• Fixed: IRC client.
• Changed: World map connections are remembered between sessions
• Changed: Servers associated with pending missions and emails are highlighed green on the world map for easier location.
• Changed: File copier and deleter stay open after use.
• Changed: Wording of some game text.
• Changed: Small interface modifications.
• Note: Saved games from this version will be incompatible with older versions of Uplink. 1.31x games can be loaded, but will be overwritten in the new format.

Скачать игру Uplink (Сеть) v1.6 (20.45 Мб.):

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Скачать с TurboBit
Скачать с Gigabase
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Uplink [GOG]

Скачать игру Uplink [GOG] (208.63 Мб.):
GOG-издание игры в архиве которого есть бонус-контент к игре — обои, саундтрек, интервью с разработчиками, аватар, бонусный CD, а также ещё 1 диск с source code.

Скачать с FileAl
Скачать с Hitfile
Скачать с Depfile
Скачать с Unibytes
Скачать с TurboBit
Скачать с Gigabase
Скачать с Share4web
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Uplink (Macintosh) (7.70 Мб.):

Скачать с FileAl
Скачать с Hitfile
Скачать с Depfile
Скачать с Unibytes
Скачать с TurboBit
Скачать с Gigabase
Скачать с Share4web
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