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Gnomoria — песочница про тусовку гномов. Цель: созидание процветающего королевства. Крафтинг, постройка сооружений, размещение ловушек, разведка подземелий для нахождения и добычи полезных ресурсов — ведь без них гномы пропадут. Обновлена до [Steam Early Access] v0.9.16.1 (166.11 Мб.)


Развивайте ваше королевство и привлекайте странствующих гномов, которые помогут вам в развитии вашей мечты, но не привлекайте излишнего внимания, ведь помимо других гномов, вы можете привлечь внимание и врагов.
Игра находится в стадии разработки, в будущем разработчики планируют добавить больше зданий, больше аксессуаров и сделать более живой проработанный мир.


• Если у Вас не запускается игра установите XNA 4.0.
• Если у Вас проблемы с сохранениями, скачайте эту утилиту.
Инструкция по использованию, через гугл транслит.

Список изменений: »

• A handful of optimizations for ambassadors and a few gnome behaviors
• Debug mode for mod makers to test mod changes. DebugMode can be set in settings.ini to enable a Debug option in the right click menu. Provides a way to spawn items and characters. This is meant for testing and allows you to create things that might have unintended behaviors.
• Added Remove Items option to Debug mode
• Spawn Liquid and Remove Liquid options added to Debug mode
• The item being stocked for stock jobs is now viewable when looking at the stock job UI
• Added ability to suspend/resume jobs. Groups of jobs can be selected at once (suspend building walls in an area to prioritize another area, etc). Suspending/resuming over a designation or workshop will apply to the designation or workshop directly instead of individual job
• Workshop floors are now red when suspended
• Farms, groves, pastures and stockpiles now are visibly red when suspended
• Added more descriptive status text for gnomes. It will now show eating, drinking, sleeping, training, guarding or patrolling where previously it had «idle»
• Made some adjustments to pop up menus in the right click menu
• Added item being stocked to clean floor job UI
• Clicking Fast Forward doubles the time scale. Clicking Play resets back to 1. MaxTimeScale can be defined in settings.ini. Minimum is 2, maximum is 256 and default is 4.
• Clicking Fast Forward while paused will now unpause instead of unpausing and also doubling speed
• Pause button now toggles pause instead of only pausing
• Added ability to rehide terrain
• Added a Move To Top button for the job queue at workshops
• Changed Remove Designation to remove the selected area instead of the entire designation
• Changed mod selection UI to select multiple mods
Mod Development
• storage.xml merges AllowedItems for each StorageID when merging multiple mods. This makes it so multiple mods, all with new items, can all be stocked into Crates, etc
• Hooked up RequiredSkill property in workshop recipes. Higher values can be set and gnomes won’t be able to craft the item until they reach the skill level. Similarly, RequiredSkillLevel was added to jobsettings.xml for other jobs
• Merge squad lists of Factions that share an ID when loading included mods
• Added ResearchID field to blueprints and workshops
• Added option for byproducts in workshop crafting recipes
• A MaterialIndex greater than the number of components defaults to the last component instead of first
• Changed default SpriteID to be optional and render nothing by default
• Added research.xml to define independent research tracks
• For each research ID set an associated skill used for progressing research, as well as difficulty settings for how quickly/slowly research is progressed
• When generating an item with a random material, it will prioritize items in CoreItemIDToMaterialIDs over the same ItemID in workshop recipes
• Crash when a gnome dies while hauling
• Constructions doubling up when saving and loading without exiting for jobs defined in jobsettings.xml in included mods
• Crash when deconstructing handcrank
• Camera movement from new events now cancels job placement instead of selecting a giant area
• More fixes for flooding
• Potential max amount of liquid in a cell being miscalculated
• Crash if automaton was added as a settler
• Metal Depth and Metal Amount settings not working properly
• Crash with included mods that used terrainsettings.xml missing MaterialIDsToStairsIDs, MaterialIDsToRampIDs or MaterialIDsToEmbeddedSprites. Included mods can now safely omit them
• Windmill SFX continuing to play after deconstructing
• Use a default TerrainSprite if none is defined. (Crash fix)
• Fixed build construction UI being too short
• Fixed Storage Containers total UI in the Stock Overview menu being too short. The value now also doesn’t include resource piles (dirt, stone, straw, etc)
• Action bar not properly updating when resizing resolution
• Crash spawning spiders
• Inclines and stairs not properly using SpriteIDByMaterialID as well as not tinting beyond the first component
• Typo in charactersettings.xml for LeatherBracer
• Mining stairs up into a wall that has coal/ore/gem causing the top of the stairs to disappear
• Crash when crafting
• Crash removing patrol routes
• Piles not using the associated SpriteID. Updated the SpriteID for ResourcePile in items.xml to use RawStone or RawSoil SpriteIDs now that this is fixed
• Fixed building walls and constructions that block movement not properly displacing liquids
• Fixed liquids evaporating when on top of the same liquid. This means that full lakes will flood a little in the rain. Rain will also now be able to fill up deeper holes.
• Fixed some settings in Included Mods with vanilla base files continuously adding with repeated saving/loading without restarting
• Rare crash when loading a game
• Designations not being removed properly resulting in a crash or odd behavior
• Crash resulting from loading old saves that have had updated mods with new research tracks since the last save
• Door sprites not tinting properly with component materials
• Crash selecting an animal in the Pasture UI that requires a food source that hasn’t existed yet in the current game (ie requiring straw and starting a new game without straw)
• Crash rendering cross framed soil walls when lowered
• Tables and chairs appearing like stone with some types of wood
• Squad members idling most of the time
• Some values in mod files parsing incorrectly from OS culture setting
• MaterialIndex for construction sprite not working correctly. It now uses the correct component’s material when tinting
• Typo in body.xml for spiders that caused a crash in combat
• Crash related to stocking ammo carried in an ammo pouch or quiver
• Crash when stocking a single item that can be piled

Английское описание:

Gnomoria is a sandbox village management game where you help lead a small group of gnomes, who have set out on their own, to thrive into a bustling kingdom! Anything you see can be broken down and rebuilt elsewhere. Craft items, build structures, set traps and dig deep underground in search of precious resources to help your gnomes survive the harsh lands. Build your kingdom and stockpile wealth to attract wandering gnomads to your cause, but be wary of also attracting enemies!

Скачать игру Gnomoria [Steam Early Access] v0.9.16.1 (166.11 Мб.):

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Gnomoria OST + 3 Bonus Tracks

Скачать Gnomoria OST + 3 Bonus Tracks (60.03 Мб.):
Soundtracks by James Primate

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Скачать Муз-пак для Gnomoria (36.09 Мб.):
Содержимое архива скопировать в gnomoria/content/audio

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